Product Review from an Ice Cream Snob – Chapman’s Ball Top Cones

I am an ice cream snob.  I admit it.  I’ve been an ice cream snob since 1999 when I worked at the Agriculture Museum in Ottawa.  At the museum, we made ice cream every day for visitors.  Handmade ice cream.  Hand cranked actually.  Using an old fashioned ice cream maker.  Like this one.

old fashioned ice cream maker, hand cranked

Making ice cream this way, a skilled person could make one batch in about 25 minutes.  We made it every day.  For one festival, I even had to make a batch (and serve it to visitors) every 30 minutes over the course of an eight hour day.  That is hard work. 

The ice cream we made was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. 

It’s not the technique used to make the ice cream that makes the ice cream.  It is the ingredients that go into it.  At the museum, our ice cream was made with whipping cream, milk, sugar and vanilla.  That’s it.  The key ingredient was the whipping cream.  The heavy cream is what made the ice cream so rich and amazing.  And I’ve been an ice cream snob ever since. 

As I don’t have the space for an ice cream machine at home, or the time to make my own, like most people, I buy my ice cream.  Because I like rich, heavy, delicious ice cream, I look at the ingredients when deciding what to buy.  And the first ingredient needs to be cream.  My ice cream of choice is Häagen-Dazs.  Love the rich, sinful goodness of this ice cream.  That ice cream I reserve for myself.  Greg and his daughter are not ice cream snobs and eat a ton of ice cream in one sitting, so they get less expensive brands.

Last week, I decided to purchase a box of Chapman’s ball top cones.  I’ve had a Chapman’s coupon kicking around in my purse for months, and it was on sale at my local grocery store at a price that made it free, so I decided it was as good a time as any to try it out.  Generally, my ice cream snobbery prevents me from purchasing Chapman’s ice cream.  I decided that the cones were worth a try.  When going for a cone of this type, I’m not looking for just smooth, cold, creamy ice cream. I want the chocolate and the nuts too.  If I go for a cone like that, it’s because I want a sweet treat. 

So I purchased the peanut butter chocolate cones you see here.

Chapmans Cones

Wow, am I ever glad I decided to try these. I really loved them!  The ice cream was peanut buttery, the chocolate covering the cone was just right, the peanuts added the right kind of crunch and the melted chocolate in the middle was a nice surprise.  This is a somewhat messy to eat treat as it is hard to eat it without having some of the peanuts fall off and chocolate coating crack off.  So a quick hand in place to catch falling pieces is a definite must.  But it is a perfect treat to eat while sitting out on the deck on a hot day.  And I really like the cone part too.  I liked the flavour and it didn’t crumble or crack when I bit into it, so it was possible to eat all the way down without falling apart. 

Chapman’s ball top cones turned out to be a nice surprise.  I will buy these again.  As an added plus, the Chapman’s cones seem to be lower priced than some of the other brands available at my grocery store, making them a pretty good value. 

But beware; the nutrition value on these cones is scary.  The fat content is obscene. 

nutrition facts Chapman's cones

Look at that fat content – 24g, with 11g of saturated fat!

That is not unique to Chapman’s cones; it seems to be true for the other brands I have seen too.  So these cones definitely fall into the 20 part of my 80/20 rule (make good, healthy choices 80% of the time, and then can eat what I want the other 20%). 

What about you? Are you an ice cream snob?  Do you always buy the same brand or do you shop around for the best price?


Are You a Wings Woman? Product Review – Always Infinity

Guys, you might want to skip this one as it deals with the dreaded topic – feminine hygiene products. 

Always InfinityI had the opportunity recently to try out Always Infinity pads for free through BzzAgent.  Although I’ve been using the regular Always pads forever, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like these, because after agreeing to try them, I realized that Always Infinity pads all have wings.  And I hate wings.  A lot.  Or rather, I hated wings.  The wings on this product are different from the wings I’ve tried before, they are thinner, more flexible and do not feel like plastic.  They were comfortable and did the job and I didn’t even notice they were there.

Overall, I loved these.   Really.  I can’t believe I’m saying that about a pad, but it’s true.  They are comfortable, and even though they are super thin (no really, they are incredibly thin) they are super absorbent too.  The pad itself is made of some kind of space-age material, Infinicel, but it doesn’t feel like plastic because it is covered in a really soft material, making it comfortable to wear.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m already feeling crappy having my period, I want to only wear comfortable things.  And Always Infinity pads are comfortable. And reliable. No leaks, no gross wet feeling. Even during an exercise class at the gym.  So my worries about this product were needless.  I’m definitely a convert.  My only regret is that I didn’t try Always Infinity sooner.  And that I stocked up on my regular ones last month when there was a really good sale.