What’s In Bloom – Bladder Campion

I’ve always liked Bladder Campion.  The flowers, with their distinct inflated bladder, have always intrigued me.  Aesthetically, this white flower is very pleasing to me.

What's In Bloom - Bladder Campion

Native to Europe, here in North America Bladder Campion is considered to be a weed. It grows easily in well-drained soils, and can be seen blooming along the side of many trails and in open fields throughout the summer.

It is likely a familiar sight to many, although you might not have gotten up close and personal to examine it.  I can’t resist examining anything and everything in bloom when I go out for a walk or a hike.  This drives Greg crazy sometimes as it has a tendency to slow us down.

What's In Bloom - Bladder Camption

I consider Bladder Campion to be a pretty wildflower.  The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture considers it to be a weed.  I think it’s quite interesting how humans have grown to consider most plants that they have not planted themselves, and that they therefore do not consider to be useful, to be a nuisance plant, i.e. a weed.

To me, pretty flowers are useful just because they are pretty.  They make me smile.  Seeing them helps me relax.  Plus I am sure that some animals benefit from their presence.  They must be a source of food for something.

What's In Bloom - Bladder Camption

The leaves of Bladder Campion are considered to be edible and are harvested and consumed in some parts of Europe.  The leaves are small, so I would think there is much work for small reward in harvesting these.

What is your favorite wildflower?

7 thoughts on “What’s In Bloom – Bladder Campion

  1. Very nice. Definitely not a weed. Thanks. My favorite wildflower? Oh, I’d say bloodroot, though I do love virginia bluebell quite a lot as well. 🙂

    • You are right, I don’t think I’ve seen one I don’t like either 😉
      Trilliums are another favorite of mine. You need to have the right timing to catch them in bloom, but when you do, it’s usually really spectacular.

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