What’s in Bloom – Columbines

I planted some columbines in my front flower bed two summers ago.  I wasn’t sure what they would look like, as I was only familiar with wild columbines, which are a beautiful red colour, with a yellow throat.  I thought the domesticated ones would be lovely too.

I was disappointed when they didn’t bloom.

Last year, I understood why my columbines had not bloomed the year I planted them.  Columbines are a spring flower.  They are my first perennials to bloom after my bulbs.  And they do not disappoint.

Purple Columbines

Columbines are a showy flower, wouldn’t you agree?

Pink Columbine

I love how extremely three dimensional they are.  I can look at them from different so many different angles, and they surprise me each time.

Pink Columbine

I’ve given them the nickname of “dragon flower”.  The unopened bloom reminds me of a dragon’s head.  A flower that can resemble a mythical creature appeals to me.  Can you spot the dragon’s head?

Resemble a dragon's head

I love how dense the blooms are.  They are so dense, it is difficult to photograph just a single bloom.

Pink and Purple Columbines


pink columbines

Which ones do you prefer, the pink or the purple?


What do you think?

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