Product Review – Glad To Go Lunch Containers

Do you like bringing salad in your lunch?  Do you hate the mess that often results from trying to transport salad dressing?  So do I.  My problem has finally been solved, with Glad’s To Go Lunch containers.

Note:  I have not received compensation in any form for reviewing this product.  It’s simply a product that I use because it has solved a problem for me.  My thoughts are that if I had that problem, others must too, and maybe this could help some of them.

Until I discovered Glad’s To Go Lunch containers, my biggest challenge with bringing salad in my lunch was figuring out how to transport the dressing.  Bringing the whole bottle was too much, and it usually left everything in my lunch bag oily.  Adding the dressing at home was not an option, as that would lead to limp, gross salad greens.  Not what I want to eat for lunch.

Finding an appropriate container for the salad dressing was challenging. We tried many.  None of them were quite right.

dressing containers

Two years ago, I found the solution to my lunch salad problem:  Glad To Go Lunch containers.

the solution to my lunch salad dilemma

I love these containers.  They have solved the problem of how to transport salad dressing without making a mess in my lunch bag.

the perfect container for salad dressing

The container for the dressing snaps into the lid.  Then the large lid closes the container that contains the salad.  The dressing stays put in the small container.  Even if it did leak, it would only leak onto the salad itself.  So far, knock on wood, mine haven’t leaked.

I also really like the size of the dressing container.  It is small.  If full to the brim, it holds 3 tablespoons (45 mL).  I usually fill mine about half way, so I bring about 1.5 tablespoons of dressing.  That is the right amount for my salad.  This means I don’t add too much dressing to my salad, and I don’t bring an excess that goes to waste.

the right amount of salad dressing

The other containers I tried for dressing just didn’t cut it. Although the one with the o-ring doesn’t leak, it’s just too big.  It holds a half cup (125 mL) of liquid. As it is so large, it is very easy to add way to much dressing.  An amount that would be appropriate for a salad looks lost in this container.  When we used these containers, salad dressing was almost always wasted.

lunch salads  What about the salad itself?

I like the size of the main compartment of this container.    It holds a bit more than 4 cups.  My salads are usually around 2 to 3 cups.  The container is big enough for my needs, but doesn’t take up more space than necessary.

Bringing salad for lunch

All in all, I think that the To Go Lunch containers by Glad are brilliant.  They have been a great solution to my salad transportation dilemma.  I bring salads to work more frequently now, as I have the right tool for the job.

Everyone at work who has seen me with my containers starts by laughing a bit.  When they see how the container works, they are impressed and think this is a great container.  They like it so much that several of my colleagues now have some Glad To Go Lunch containers of their own.  Salad consumption is on the rise in my workplace.

Glad To Go Lunch containers get 5 stars from me.

Have you found a product that has solved a problem for you?  If so, please share in the comments.  Other might have the same problem to solve.


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