Signs of Spring

Around here we’ve been teased with previews of spring, and then walloped again with winter. But today, there were several signs for me that spring really is here.

First sign


A crocus, growing in my backyard!  While this might not seem worthy of exclamation marks to you, thanks to a wily squirrel, it is to me.

I planted lots of bulbs in the fall, including about 40 crocuses in the lawn.  I covered all my spots with chili flakes to keep the squirrels away.  Apparently crocus and tulip bulbs are like crack to squirrels, but they are reputed to not like chili.  It seems the squirrels in my neighbourhood don’t know that, because within 24 hours of planting, a squirrel had already found the bulbs and dug them up! 

All winter I was left wondering if there would be any flowers in my yard, but  the squirrel missed a couple in the backyard and a few more in the front. 


another crocus, this time just the bud — but soon, a full flower


And Mr. Squirrel left me a few tulips too. 


a tulip sprouting


Second sign

Click to listen, then click play button 

That is the sound of a spring peeper, which is a tiny little frog that calls early in spring.  Spring peepers are hard to see because they are tiny, but they are easy to hear as they have a very loud call. 

Spring Peeper 3

the little cross on the back is the distinctive mark of the spring peeper

Spring Peeper 2

and so is its tiny size – this one is full grown!

I’ve been hearing the spring peepers calling from the small, temporary pond behind the house since Monday.  They are one of my favorite signs of spring.

What signs of spring have you seen or heard?



One thought on “Signs of Spring

  1. Hi Julie! Well, it’s a month later than you, but I heard spring peepers here in Fort Simpson about a week ago. 🙂 They are so wonderful-sounding! I swear I heard the very first one. He sounded all alone, but in a couple of hours, there was a small chorus! I have also been seeing/hearing lots of summer birds — barn swallows, tree swallows, gulls, robins, sandhill cranes (one of my favourites), canada geese, etc. 🙂

    Nice to see you blogging again! 🙂 Take care!

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