It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Greg and I haven’t decorated for Christmas in the past (other than lights outside) as we often aren’t home for Christmas.  Afterall, who wants to leave two cats alone at home for a week with a fully decorated Christmas tree?  That’s a recipe for disaster I think.

This year, with Greg’s daughter living with us, getting a tree and decorating became somewhat of a requirement.  So on Black Friday weekend, I was able to get a nice artificial tree at Sears, for a good price.  (Thank you Sears for having a 60% off sale, and for having nice trees, not just Charlie Brown trees like so many other stores I visited.)  And then the hunt for ornaments to decorate the tree started. 

Eventually, it all came together, and last Sunday, Christmas arrived at our house.  We put up the tree and the three of us decorated it.  Many of the ornaments are new, but Greg had a small box of ornaments that were his grandmother’s and I had some my mother gave me about 10 years ago, so we have some tradition on our tree. 

It’s not the most elegant tree, and it doesn’t have a cohesive theme, but we like it.  🙂  It’s actually quite nice to have a tree this year.  I had forgotten what it’s like to have one, and every time I see it, I smile.  I’m really glad Greg’s daughter wanted a tree.


And of course, we have a nativity scene too.  The nativity scene I selected is not a traditional one, but I thought it was pretty. 


It was actually quite difficult to find a nativity scene.  I shopped at many, many stores, and the only store that had any was Wal-Mart.  I think it’s sad that a nativity scene is so hard to find at Christmas.  Christmas is after all a Christian holiday.  And the “all Christmas radio station” that has been playing only Christmas music since November 1st but that doesn’t play a single song with any religious connotations makes me sad too.  Don’t expect to hear Silent Night or All Holy Night on Majic 100, nope, won’t happen. 

Are people really that afraid to offend people with any mention of religious stuff related to Christmas? 

And are non-Christian people actually offended by Christmas stuff that contains religious stuff?  Because somehow, I think they probably aren’t. 




What do you think?

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