SATeam Blog Carnival – What’s on my workspace?

Life has been pretty crazy and busy at my end, which has left me with little time for leisure.  But it is the end of September and it is time for another SATeam blog carnival.   This month, team members are answering the question “What is on your mat/workspace?”

Until a few weeks ago, my answer to that would have been “nothing”.  This summer was spent re-organizing the house, re-allocating spaces and doing some renovations.  So until Labour Day weekend, I didn’t even have a workspace anymore.  But I now have a new consolidated workspace and have actually been able to sit down and work on a new piece.  I’m not done yet, but even getting started felt good after a summer without any jewelry making.

This is my current work in progress.

2 strand copper and black bracelet 

It will eventually be a double stranded bracelet.  I have 4 more of those twisted black stones to add, and I’m debating about the type of clasp to use.  I’m thinking a toggle clasp will probably be my final choice, but maybe it will be a hook style clasp.  Once this baby is assembled and I’m happy with the length, I will oxidize it so that the copper has that dark, antiqued copper look.  I think the antiqued copper will really look nice with the black stones. 

This piece is definitely chunkier than most of my work, but it seemed to me that those stones were just calling out to be used in a double strand piece.  I might have to make some adjustments to the design if the piece feels to floppy once it is full length, but that is something I will only know once more of it is complete.  Many of my pieces evolve as they are being constructed.  The original idea in my head does not always (often?) match the final result. 

This bracelet is only one item on my workspace.  I actually have 3 work surfaces in my new consolidated studio.  The bracelet is on my table where I work mostly with beads and wire.  I also have an old dresser that serves as my hammering, filing, cutting area.  The third work surface is my soldering table.  At the moment, it features a very different type of project.

Paint samples!  My new space needs some colour on the walls.  I’m under pressure today to make my final colour choice as my husband will be painting my space this week while I’m away.  I’m super sensitive to paint smells (trigger migraines), so most painting in our house is done at times when I am travelling. 

I’m leaning towards the yellows, either the celestial sun or the citron ice.  Or maybe yellow with one purple wall? 


I love yellow, as it is such a sunny, cheerful colour.  I think it could be the perfect colour for a work space – inspirational and energizing.  What do you think?   

To find out about what is on the workspace of other members of the SATeam, please follow the links below to their blogs.

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5 thoughts on “SATeam Blog Carnival – What’s on my workspace?

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  2. Yellow sounds great, but I like the idea of one purple wall, too. My office/studio is painted a pale shade of blue, but my workshop is going to feature three different colors. It’s my way of saying that anything goes in there!

  3. Those beads are beautiful and I like the way you have placed them like rail tracks following one another. It looks like it will be well balanced and fun to wear.
    I like the idea of sunny yellow walls. The violet veil would make a gorgeous ceiling, like a Summer evening

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