Colour, Glorious Colour!

The topic for this month’s SATeam blog carnival is:  Tell us about colour in your work. 

I love colour!  Colour sometimes reflects my mood, and at other times colour affects my mood.  One of the things that I love most about designing jewelry is the ability to play with colour.  My materials provide me with a full colour palette and I can go in any direction with it.

I love colourful colours much more than neutrals.  And I’m naturally drawn to cool colours, so blue, green and purple make frequent appearances in my work. 

Lapis lazuli and sterling silver necklace


Raspberry Blue Necklace - Fossil stones and sterling silver


Colourful polymer clay and sterling silver bracelet


But selling jewelry has allowed me to dabble with other colours, colours that I don’t usually wear myself, such as orange, brown, and grey. 

Carnelian and sterling silver earrings

At first using these other colours was a challenge.  I started using them because I knew I needed to showcase a wider variety of colours, but now I also find myself drawn to stones that are in more neutral colours, but that have beautiful, interesting patterns.  They are stones with character and personality. 

Zebra jasper and copper necklace

One thing I do know, no matter what I choose – warm or cool, bright or neutral – colour will always be a part of my work.  Colour lifts the mood, adds life, catches the eye. 

So what’s your story with colour?

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7 thoughts on “Colour, Glorious Colour!

  1. You are so right. Color has such an amazing effect on our minds and moods. I find myself wearing bright and bold colors when the weather is dreary just to lift my spirits.

  2. Bonnie, so do I. When I’m in a really happy, cheerful mood I usually wear yellow or pink. But when the weather is blah and I want to feel better I’ll wear bright blue, purple, teal, etc. I choose colours with some energy. When I’m home sick and feel like wallowing in it, I wear blah grey…

  3. Love colour … which is why I am so happy to see the daffodils blooming and the grass turning green! I would love to see the gorgeous colours of the tulips too… but the deer eat all of those! AND…. I just love those polymer beads in that bracelet!

  4. Like you, I welcomed the opportunity to play with colors I don’t normally wear when I started selling my work. Now I’m much more open to using – and wearing – any and all colors.

  5. I do love color… how could we not? It affects us. After this exercise in thinking about color, I will probably be more conscious of using it in my designs, instead of it being instinctual.

    Pretty examples you have for the blog post! 🙂

  6. I guess my colour favourites are the opposite of yours :), I am more into organic, dark, brown, black colours. But I must admit your colourful colour choices do have a definite wow effect for me.

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