Named for a Mighty River – Amazonite

I love stones and use them frequently in my work.  I’ve rarely met a stone I didn’t like, so it’s hard to pick a favourite.  A stone I like very much and that has made its way into several pieces lately is amazonite.  The pretty blue-green colour of this stone makes it a perfect choice to explore this spring.

Amazonite crystals - photo by Rob Lavinsky of


Humans discovered the beauty of amazonite long ago.  Ancient Egyptians carved ornamental objects from it.  Today amazonite is found in jewelry in bead or cabochon form and as cameos. 

Amazonite is a type of feldspar, which is the most common rock forming mineral on the earth’s surface.  But its beauty is anything but common.  Usually a solid blue-green colour or striped blue-green and white, amazonite sometimes has a silky lustre or sheen that is visible when the stone moves.  Stones that exhibit that silvery sheen are my personal favourites.  

Amazonite crystal showing solid colouring - photo by Svdmolden


Amazonite crystal showing striped pattern - photo by Raike


Amazonite was named for theAmazon River, but it is not found in that region.  The Europeans that gave the stone its name mistakenly thought that a green stone found in the Amazon region was the same stone as a green one found in Russia.  The Russian stone kept the name amazonite, while the Amazon River stone is believed to be a form of nephrite jade. 

Caring for amazonite:

  • This stone is vulnerable to pressure and scratches and should therefore not be stored in direct contact with other stones. 
  • Avoid steam or ultrasonic cleaners for amazonite. 
  • Acids, chemicals and abrasives can also cause damage to the stone. 
  • The best way to clean the stone is with warm, soapy water. 

Here are some of my recent pieces that feature amazonite. 

Amazonite Wrapped with Sterling Silver Wire - This piece of amazonite is from the province of Quebec.

Amazonite and Antiqued Copper Bracelet

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