Answer – Mystery Photo, Part 4

Here again is last week’s mystery photo.

And yes, it is a cat.  Specifically, it’s my cat Oreo.  He loves to go out in the yard in the summer.  He’ll spend hours out there and often protests when it’s time to go back into the house. 

I guess this one was too easy.  I thought someone might guess it was a stuffed toy panda, but I guess my cat just really looks like a cat.

Here is Oreo again, having a cat nap on the sofa.  The blanket you see is theoretically mine, so I can stay warm on cold winter days, but the cats seem to think it’s theirs.  When that blanket is on the sofa, there are not many moments that there isn’t a cat on it. 

cat nap

And here’s my Shadow.  As Oreo had taken possession of the blanket, she had to be content with a kitchen chair.  I have a hard time taking good photos of Shadow as her black fur just seems to suck up all the light and leave everything dark.  Does anyone have a tips for photographing black cats?

black cat

One thought on “Answer – Mystery Photo, Part 4

  1. Hey there! The only way to photograph a black cat is in direct sunlight! Anything else and, like you say, they just suck up all the light. I have many photos of my black-hole-kitty, Eddie! 🙂

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