Blog Carnival – Why did I start making jewelry?

It’s sateam blog carnival time again, and this month’s topic is “Why did you start making jewelry?”

For me, it started out by accident. 

I was living in a small, relatively isolated community in Northwestern Ontario.  One weekend I decided to go to our local craft store to see if it carried polymer clay.  It didn’t, but while I was there, I found some glass beads.  I bought a couple of assorted packages of beads, some stretchy cord, some wire and a couple of clasps and off I went home to play with my new goodies. 

These are 2 of the original things I bought at the craft store that fateful day.

I tried to make a bracelet, but the stretchy cord was a problem for me, because even though the label said “easy knot”, I couldn’t get the knot to stay tight.  This sent me to the internet to google “how to tie knots in stretchy cord”.  One of my search results led me to this page at  I explored the site and suddenly the world of making jewelry opened up before me.  This site is more than just a store selling components.  It is full of information and inspiration pieces to help people make jewelry at home.  I discovered that the wire I purchased at the craft store in town was not suited to my needs and I found things that were.  But I never did figure out a way to get the knots in stretchy cord stay knotted (I don’t use glue in my pieces), so stretchy bracelets were just not in my future.

I started surfing the net to find the supplies I needed to make jewelry (beads, wire, clasps, jump rings, etc.) and then started stalking the post office, waiting for my packages to arrive.  Greg was away Friday through Monday every second week, so I had the time to experiment with my new stuff. 

I discovered the joy of creating and the satisfaction of building something concrete with my own two hands and my imagination.  I didn’t wear much jewelry back then, but this activity allowed me to explore the world of colour, texture, shape and balance.  Making jewelry became an outlet for me.  I could put aside the stresses found in daily life and create something new.  It was a gift.     

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5 thoughts on “Blog Carnival – Why did I start making jewelry?

  1. Love your story, great to know how other team members found their way to jewelry designing. Thx. PS I never did stretchy bracelets because of the same reason *g

  2. I never got anywhere with stretchy cord either! I also think lampwork beads are too heavy, not to mention I’m knot challenged! And by the way … Jewellers don’t ‘glue things’ it’s called Chemical bonding in jewellery! 🙂

  3. Interesting journey – I never had any luck with the stretchy cord either. Love reading how your search for supplies led you to creating the beautiful pieces you do.

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