More Gifts Ideas from Canadian Shops

Earlier this week I shared some gift ideas for kids, but I know that you don’t only have children on your holiday shopping list.  There are some adults too.  So I’ve found some more great items, again from Canadian shops, that I wanted to share. 

Do you have an animal lover on your list?  If so, have I got the shops for you!

orange and cream cat fridge magnet

Orange and white cat fridge magnet by Savage Artworks

Isn’t this one handsome kitty?  I love the look on this cat’s face.  I wonder what it is that has caught his attention.  I think he makes the perfect fridge magnet.  And if cats aren’t what you want, just have a look in Savage Artworks’ shop.  You will find all kinds of wonderful critters, including the sweetest little brown bunny


Skunk rock art by Revisions and Reversals

I love this guy!  I admit, I’ve been a fan of skunks since I was a little girl.  We have many skunks in our neighbourhood, and on many nights I can look out the window and see one rooting around in our yard.  I love the little face on this skunk rock art from Revisions and Reversals.  Her shop has rock art featuring many other animals too.

Maybe the person you are shopping for is more into jewelry than animals.  That’s okay, some great choices available for her too.

upcycled computer parts necklace

Blue resistors computer parts necklace by Periwinkle Dzyns

This upcycled computer parts necklace by Periwinkle Dzyns is fun, funky and unique.  I love how the artist could see the potential to turn a computer part into a fashion accessory.  Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for the computer lover in your life?

wood fringe necklace

Wood fringe necklace by Sage's Cupboard

Maybe the jewelry-lover you are shopping for is a bit more earthy.  In that case, this wood fringe necklace by The Sage’s Cupboard might be more her style.  I think this necklace would be fun to wear.  And it would certainly make a statement!

I hope you won’t be afraid to shop online for wonderful handmade goodies by Canadian artisans for your gifts this year.  There are 11 Canada Post delivery days left, and if you end up cutting it a little close, Express Post is an option.  Trust me, Express Post works.

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