Mermaid Tears – How it Came to Be…

Members of the Starving Artists Team are continuing to do a monthly blog carnival.  The topic for October is “how it came to be”.


The mermaid, trapped in a fishing net, cried.  And because she is a mermaid, her tears are pearls.  And her tears are trapped in the net with her. 

This thought is the inspiration of this piece.

Freshwater pearl and copper necklace

Mermaid Tears


I’m not sure how the thought came to be, but I was thinking of mermaids being trapped when I dreamed up this piece. 

The copper frame, with the thinner woven copper wire, represents the fishing net.  The pearls represent the mermaid, her tears and her sadness. 

Copper and freshwater pearl pendant

the mermaid's tears are trapped...


I built a sturdy copper frame from heavy gauge copper wire, and then randomly wove in the smaller wire and added the pearls when it felt right.  The pendant is fairly light and airy because it is so open, so I wanted to create a strand of pearls to give it a bit more substance and elegance. 

Blue and green freshwater pearls - the perfect choice for a mermaid's tears


Pairing pearls with copper is not a traditional choice, but I like to use pearls in unexpected ways.  This is definitely not your grandma’s pearl necklace. 

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