Weekend Projects

The cold weather this weekend had me feeling like it should be Thanksgiving Day weekend, not Labour Day weekend.  The up side to the cold weather is that as I was not tempted to play outside the way I would be if it was nice and sunny, I was able to sit down and create some jewelry.

This weekend was all about wire.  I really explored the world of free-form wrapping.  I bought a nice piece of polished amethyst at the Rockhound Gemboree in Bancroft during my holidays that I wanted to wrap with sterling wire.  As I wanted to do a type of wrapping that I hadn’t done previously, I started with some test pieces using copper wire.  They turned out pretty well, I think.

Green Amethyst and Copper Wire

Rough prasiolite nugget wrapped in copper wire - I oxidized the copper

Chalcedony nugget wrapped with copper wire

I figured out a few tricks to doing this type of wrapping and then moved on to the amethyst and sterling.

Polished amethyst wrapped with sterling silver wire

I’ve been thinking about doing a bracelet like this for a while, and finally got around to it.  My bracelet inventory is seriously low, so I need to make more. 

Prehnite and copper bracelet

I love the rich colour of this amazonite bead.  I added some small sterling beads to it to be a bit different.  Sadly, I can’t seem to photograph this very well. 

Amazonite and sterling silver

I also finished a couple of pieces that I started 2 weeks ago when I was trying out my new propane torch.  I had fun one day making all kinds of copper and fine silver links.  I love, love, love my new torch!  It has so much more heat than my small butane torch so it is way more effective with copper and it seems like I can do everything so much more quickly. 

Red creek jasper and copper bracelet

Fine silver earrings

Believe it or not, I did all this just on Saturday!  Must admit though, I was pretty brain dead by about 7 pm.   And my thumbs and index fingers were really sore…

Yesterday I made this one.  I call it Mermaid Tears. 

Cultured freshwater pearls and copper

I even made a couple more necklaces today, but haven’t been able to photograph them yet.  All in all, it was a pretty productive weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Projects

  1. Wow, those are beautiful! 🙂 You are so creative…. love your jewellery! Hope you had a great summer! I know, I don’t want to admit it’s over either… 😀

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