Forgotten Treasures

This evening I was searching through my supplies, looking for a particular item when I found some long forgotten treasures.  Tucked away in a Ziploc, hidden in a box in the back of the cupboard were the very first pieces of jewelry I ever made.

Feeling a little nostalgic, I took them out and examined them.  As I looked at them it brought me back to that time, 4 years ago, when I had just discovered the joy of making my own jewelry.  It was so exciting!  I had few supplies, but I felt like I could make anything I wanted, that it would be to my own taste and that the items would fit.  My first pieces were bracelets.  My wrists are quite small, so store-bought has never worked for me. 

The very first piece of jewelry I ever made. It's simple, has mistakes, but everyone has to start somewhere 🙂

Buoyed by the success of making my first piece, I moved on to this multi-strand bracelet, my second piece of jewelry. Still mistakes, but I learnt from it.


Looking at the pieces, I can see all the mistakes I made (like looping the bead wire directly through the clasp, instead of using a jump ring to connect them – that mistake made it very difficult to finish the second bracelet), and it’s obvious these pieces were made by a beginner.  But I also remember how proud I was to make them!  I made the first 2 bracelets on a weekend when Greg was away, and I couldn’t wait for him to get home so that I could show them off.  Here was something tangible, something I could use that I had made myself.  I created the design (simple as it is) and put it together using my own two hands (and a couple of pairs of Greg’s pliers). 

Well, my skills have come a long way since that day four years ago.  I hardly ever string things anymore, as I mostly fabricate using wire and sheet.  I also have many more supplies and tools.  But if I hadn’t felt so excited when I made those first pieces, hadn’t felt like I was accomplishing such a big thing, I wouldn’t have pursued it and honed my skills and gotten to where I am today.  Starting with these simple pieces, I have arrived at more skilled work.  It makes me wonder, if in four year I could go from that to where I am now, where will I be four years from now?


What do you think?

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