New Goodies in the Mail

Pearls have never been high on my list of favourite materials for jewelry.  The classic silk knotted white pearl necklace has always seemed bland and boring to me.  But in researching pearls to write about June’s birthstone, I came across many images of gorgeous pearls in great colours, with wonderful lustre.  

Pearls come in so many colours, shapes and sizes, and I started looking at them more closely.  Looking and liking what I was seeing. 

I couldn’t help myself, I placed an order…

These arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  (Doing a happy dance!)  Aren’t they gorgeous? 

cultured freshwater pearls

Cultured Freshwater Pearls - the colours of these pearls are enhanced

cultured freshwater pearls

As you can see, the two strands on the ends are really big pearls - 10 mm!

I’m loving the rich, luscious colours of these pearls.  I have so many ideas of how to use these.  I’m just starting to prepare for my fall shows and incorporating these pearls into some of my pieces will be perfect for fall and winter.    

But pearls were not my only purchase.  These were from the same order.

Various stone beads

The 2 strands on the left are Red Creek Jasper.  I have some of this stone in cabochon form and I just love the colours and patterns of this jasper.  Aren’t those oval stones that are orange, yellow and cream just delectable?  The yellow rectangular stones in the middle are calcite.  The rough nuggets below them are prasiolite and the nuggets on the right are fluorite. 

I’m going to have fun working with these materials!


What do you think?

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