Trying out new techniques

April was a productive month.  I was able to get in quite a bit of jewelry creating time and fabricated a number of new pieces.  I even had the opportunity to try out a new technique.  

I’m a very tactile person, so I really love texture.  And when working with metal, there are many different ways of achieving texture.  Recently I decided to try creating some texutre by folding and hammering some sheet.     

I started by trying this out with some copper sheet.  I liked the end result of the practice piece enough that I decided to turn it into a piece for myself. 

I liked the effect enough to turn this piece of copper into a necklace for myself

 This is what I dreamed up a few months ago when I first thought of using this technique.  I wasn’t able to built it until recently, but I think it turned out pretty well.  

fold formed piece

Copper, Sterling Silver and Amber

The jewelry forum that I belong to organized a pendant swap recently.  The name that I got is a person whose work I really admire, so I was pretty intimidated about making something for her.  I hope she likes this…   

Sterling Silver and Garnet

These pieces are different than what I usually make.   The look is a little organic, a little industrial.  I hope to have the opportunity to really try out some more foldforming techniques in the future, and to create some pieces that are really 3 dimensional.


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