Morning Frost

I curated a treasury on Etsy today.  I really love this one.  It’s called Morning Frost.

  Morning Frost 10-15-09

How did I come up with this one?

I was browsing through my team’s items (SATeam) looking for inspiration.  It wasn’t happening.  😦  Then I thought about one of our team members who often creates treasuries.  Caron from beadsire curates the most wonderful treasuries.  Each one tells a story and is beautiful.  Her treasuries have even been featured on etsy’s front page.  So I decided I would find inspiration in her shop.

There were several possibilities in Caron’s shop, but the item that most caught my attention was a beautiful white necklace called “Milk” (first column, second row).  I immediately thought of “From the Land of Milk and Honey”, but wasn’t certain if that should be the theme.  But I started looking for other white items from team members.  I found several lovely ones.  🙂  And then I came upon Elven Princess Necklace by Danagonia (bottom right corner).  And my theme was clear.  It would be Morning Frost.

This week we had our first frosty mornings.  That’s quite early compared to the norm.  And it feels a bit sad too, as it seems that fall is ending quickly and that it will soon be winter (and a long winter, if this early start is anything to go by).  But those frosty mornings really are beautiful.  We have such vivid fall colours this year, and when the ground and the leaves are tinged with frost, it add such sparkle and light!  Yes, it is the passing of the seasons, but each season offers something special.

I love heat.  I sometimes joke that I am part reptilian because I love to go bask in the sun.  I don’t complain that it gets too hot, I just enjoy it.  And I’m not terribly fond of the cold.  So sometimes winter can seem long and difficult.  But I really love living in a place where we have four distinct seasons.  Each is beautiful.  Each is special.  And as one ends, we are ready for the next to begin.  Even though the colours of the fall signal the end of summer, so many of us look forward to that special time when the fall colours are at their peak.  We would miss it if it didn’t happen.  And as fall storms happen, and the wind and the rain will strip the trees of their leaves, we will begin to think of winter and what it will bring.  And that first snowfall of the year, even with all the troubles that it can bring, will seem magical to many.  Children will rush out to make their first snowman of the year – often using up all the snow in the yard to make it.   🙂  And we will dig out our skates and our skis from the basement, itching to get out there.  And we will enjoy the opportunities that winter brings to us.  And so the seasons will change…


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