September Item per Day Challenge, Part 2

It’s been another tough week, as I was still sick for the first part and we got some bad news midway through the week.  Nonetheless, I was able to make at least one item most days this week.

Monday September 7th was a good day.  Made these two pairs of earrings.

Lampwork Glass Disc Earrings #1

Lampwork Glass Disc Earrings #1

Lampwork Glass Disc Earrings #2

Lampwork Glass Disc Earrings #2


The week continued well on Tuesday.  I made this pendant using a conglomerate stone bead and some copper wire.  I love the stone!  It has such great colours and patterns.  I think it’s perfect for fall.  This is a natural stone, not man-made. 

Conglomerate Stone Pendant 1


And the back is just as attractive as the front! 

back side of pendant

back side of pendant


Wednesday was not such a great day.  We found out that Greg will be laid off in mid-November.  We were expecting it, but it still took the wind out of my sails and I didn’t get any jewelry done.

Back on track on the 10th.  Made these great black labradorite (larvikite) and sterling silver earrings.  I think they are really cute!  And they have a swirl on the back side too.

Black Labradorite Earrings 2


And yesterday I made this lampwork disc ring.  These rings are really fun! 

Blue Disc Ring 4


I also experimented with heat patina on copper.  I made this copper bracelet a few weeks ago, but I thought it would be really interesting if it was treated with a heat patina.  I love the colours that can be achieved on copper, the only challenge is that it’s hard to control and things never turn out the same way twice!  But I like the warm colours this bracelet now has.

Copper Ripple Bracelet 1


I’ve been so busy photographing and editing today that I haven’t made anything yet.  Hum, what shall I make?  You’ll have to come back next week to see the results!


2 thoughts on “September Item per Day Challenge, Part 2

  1. Your work is sweet. The earrings at the top are so simple and yet make a statement. I just adore copper. I’m going to have to try working with heat too. I didn’t realize how many colors you could get with just heat. Does the color stay long term? Does the copper still tarnish and what happens after you clean it? Keep up your work. It’s lovely.
    You might like this group for copper wire too.

    • Thanks Lois! I love copper too. It’s so rich and warm.

      Yes, the colour does stay. I can continue to oxidize over time, making the colour more mellow. One way to prevent that is to treat it with a product like Renaissance Wax which seals it and prevents further oxidation.

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