September Item Per Day Challenge

Several members of one of the forums I belong to (Starving Jewelry Artists) have been challenging themselves to do jewelry related tasks each day for several months.  I decided to join them for the month of September, specifically to make at least one jewelry item per day. 

At the end of August I also found a few Etsy shop owners who had also decided they would make one craft item per day.  And so, the One a Day Craft Challenge was born.

One a Day craft challenge 001

The month started off quite well.  On September 1st I made 2 simple pendants using lampwork glass disc beads. 

Turquoise Disc Pendant 2


Aqua Disc Pendant 1

Unfortunately, my challenge took a nose dive from there.  I’ve been pretty sick this week, so making jewelry was just not possible for 5 days.  The will was there, the body simply couldn’t do it…  I’m feeling somewhat better today and I did make 2 very simple pairs of earrings (photos to come later). 

So I am 5 days behind on my challenge.  So maybe I will extend it to the first 5 days of October…

I’ll update here about once a week with what I make.  I use morning light for my photos and as I work Monday through Fridays, weekends are the times for my photo shoots. 

Check out the others who have taken the One A Day Craft Challenge (OADCC).

The orginator of the OADCC, Ashley from Ashley Amanda Designs 



top knot creations



Jen D.


One thought on “September Item Per Day Challenge

  1. Your first few pieces are lovely. I hope that you are feeling better!

    I have to upload some better photos of my pieces, way too much late night photography going on.

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