Labour Day – A Time of Transition

Labour Day weekend has always marked an important time, a time of transition.  

As a child Labour Day was bittersweet.  It was the last day of summer vacation.  My friends who had spent the summer at the cottage usually came home that day.  And the next day was the first day of school!


Oh, how I loved the first day of school!  I looked forward to seeing my friends again after a long summer off.  And I had new pencil crayons and a new pencil case.   Everything was fresh.  And I so wanted to show off some of my new clothes that Mom bought for me in the children’s department at Sears, but I never could wear it that day because it was always to warm out for that fall/winter clothes.  

Back to school was fun!  I didn’t worry about homework, I was too excited about a new year beginning. 

Even as an adult, Labour Day marked the passing of the seasons.  Working in the tourism industry, back to school time meant summer staff leaving, students going from full time hours to part time, and the number of visitors decreasing dramatically.   It also meant that any final prep for school programs had to be completed before teachers started bringing their students in around the end of September. 

Now that my job is no longer directly linked to students, teachers and visitors, Labour Day doesn’t signal a transition in the work that I’m doing.  But it still marks the end of summer for me, and fall feels different than summer.  It’s not about being light and carefree.  The things that are put aside during summer call out for attention in fall.  It’s time to get back to work and to routine…

What do you think?

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