Sounds of Summer

We spent the weekend at my sister’s cottage and I finally felt like it was a proper summer weekend.  We had such terrible weather in July that it didn’t really feel like summer.  But while at the cottage, I realized that it wasn’t just the warmth of the sun on my face I had been missing.  What  had really been missing were the sounds of summer…

Cicadas!  A fabulous summer sound!  Such small insects, such big sound!  I heard them this weekend and realized they had been missing all summer.  It just hadn’t been warm enough to get them going and to hear their buzzing sound. 

When I was a kid, I would hear the buzzing sound and I thought it was the telephone wires making the sound.  I thought it meant someone inside was using the phone…  And people seemed to use the phone a lot in the summer!  What can I say?  As children, we often try to make sense of the world around us, we just often don’t have enough information for things to really make sense!

I also heard my favorite summer sound this weekend.

Click here if you want to hear the Common Loon call


I love loons.  They seem to be on every lake in Northern Ontario.  So often have I been out kayaking and been able to paddle quite close before they dive.  They seem so calm, and majestic.  Well, when in the water that is. 🙂

I heard the loons around 5:30 am.  They just went on and on…  Waking up to loon calls is such an integral part of summer for this girl from Northern Ontario.  Now that I no longer live close to a lake, I had forgotten just how haunting their call is.  It was nice to hear them this weekend.  I felt closer to home.

So what are the sounds of summer for you?


What do you think?

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