There’s a what? In where!?!

Last evening, Greg came to me and said “I think a bird got into our house.” 


He said it sounded like there was a bird flapping and scratching in our furnace! 

I immediately went down to the furnace to check this out for myself…  No sound…  So I tapped lightly on the furnace, still no sound…  At this point I’m thinking Greg has imagined this (which is what I’m hoping) or that we now have a dead bird in our furnace…

Greg starts opening up the different parts of the furnace, looking for a bird.  I have no problem helping to catch a live animal, but recovering a dead animal from the furnace (possibly from the motor) is not high on the list of things I want to do. 

Finally, Greg sees something…


Yep, it’s a chipmunk, and it’s alive!   It’s in the bottom compartment of the furnace. 

So now the tricky part…  Catching it!

The chipmunk was terrified, so it was staying crouched in the back part of the compartment.  I tried to lure it out with some peanut butter and some peanuts, but nothing doing, he wasn’t going anywhere.  We finally  “persuaded” it to get out using a hockey stick.  I tried to catch it, but it ran right past me and into the rec room.  Had you been a fly on the wall looking at Greg and I chasing this chipmunk round and round the room, you would have had a good laugh!  I’m sure we looked ridiculous! 

At one point, the chipmunk ran up the stairs, with me in hot pursuit…  I caught up with it, so it turned around and leapt down the stairs.  It took all 12 steps in one jump!  Good thing it went back down, because the door at the top of the stairs was open, and just beyond the door were…







Yes, the cats… 

If the cats had seen the critter, it would have been a merry chase indeed all around the house.  And the cats would likely have not been successful at catching it as they are declawed. 

So, I rounded up the cats, locked them into the bathroom where they yowled at the indignity of it all, propped open the outside door and went back down to the rec room to try to chase the chipmunk back up the stairs, and hopefully out the door. 

Chippy was hiding under the couch, so a bit more “persuasion” with the hockey stick, and he was out, and racing up the stairs with me right behind him.  Luck was finally on our side because he beelined straight for the open door, down the steps, made a sharp right, ran through the neighbour’s flower bed and then headed straight to the backyard. 

I wonder how far he ran before slowing down…


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