The Treasury Addiction Continues…

It’s been a while since I have curated a Treasury on Etsy, but I have the day off today and checked out the Treasury about 25 minutes before it was due to open, so…

 Green with Envy June 12 09

 Seriously, curating treasuries is addicting!  I really love this one! 

What is a Treasury you ask?  Treasuries are like a collage of beautiful items that are chosen among all the items available on  Each treasury contains 12 items and the curator often has a theme.  They are like temporary, mini works of art.  The treasury list is a constantly changing list of eye candy!   Anyone who has an etsy account can curate a treasury.

2 thoughts on “The Treasury Addiction Continues…

  1. great colors on your treasury , there wasn’t room to leave a comment but the sweet poole fine silver pendant was great, a beautiful collection , I can see how it would be addictive! Laura of Clan of the Mountaindreamers

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