I love wire!

When you first look at it, wire seems so insignificant.  Afterall, it’s just a thin metal line.  What use could it have? 

Well, for those of us that make jewelry, wire is amazing!  Wire can be bent and twisted and shaped.  Wire can be used to form connections.  Wire can secure things in place.  Wire can be structural.  Wire can be decorative.  The uses of wire seem almost limitless…

Metal wire was used to make all of the following pieces… 

This pendant is a piece of petrified wood that I wrapped with copper wire.  I love petrified wood!  I have been fascinated with it ever since I spent a summer at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  A quick disclaimer:  this piece of petrified wood did not come from the park. 

Wire Wrapped Petrified Wood Pendant


Every copper ring in this bracelet started off as copper wire. 

Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet 7


The shiny silver beads on this bracelet were just a length of fine silver wire when I started…

Pink Lampwork Bracelet 1 Webstore


I love using wire the way I did with this porcelain jasper bead.  It is both decorative and a great way to secure a bead!

Porcelain Jasper Pendant 2


The sterling silver frames around the chalcedony beads in these earrings started as a heavy gauge wire that I shaped into rings, sawed, soldered and hammered to flatten and for texture.  And wire was used to form caps at the tops of the beads, as well as to make the jumprings to connect everything and to make the ear wires.  The only materials in this pair of earrings are 2 chalcedony beads, a small amount of solder and various gauges of sterling silver wire. 

Chalcedony Earrings 3


And one of my favorite ways to use wire is to make links of different shapes like in this tourmaline bracelet.

Tourmaline and Silver Bracelet 1 


So as you can see, wire comes in all shapes and sizes and has quite a variety of uses.  Jewelry just wouldn’t be the same without all this fabulous wire!


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