The best job in the world!

Island Caretaker – Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia…

That’s it, the job that is being billed as the “Best Job in the World”.  Tourism Queensland is looking for someone to live on Hamilton Island for 6 months, spend time outdoors enjoying adventures and to blog about it all.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?   And for this the person will have a house to live in plus gets paid AUD $150,000!   Of course everyone wants this job!

Who wouldn’t want to be there, doing that?

I want to meet the people who came up with this idea.  It’s an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign!  Brilliant!  The publicity they are already receiving is crazy!  Last week, their website crashed because so many were using it at the same time. 

This campaign has been carefully thought out.  It launched January 9th, winter for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  When it’s -30 Celsius, the idea of spending 6 months on an island in the Great Barrier Reef sounds pretty darn good!  The job (and therefore the blog) begins July 1st and ends January 1st.  It will run during the time that those who want to visit Australia in January and February will be doing their planning.

They are creating a buzz by having the application videos available for people to view, plus they will have the public vote for one person to get a wildcard spot for an interview, in addition to the 10 candidates Toursim Queensland selects.  They are already creating a following for this blog 6 months before it will launch!  

And the cost of this amazing promotional campaign?  The $150,000 salary, providing housing to the person for 6 months, plus airfare to the interview for the 11 candidates, plus airfare for the successful candidate…  Now there is good value for money!


What do you think?

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