These Garnet Hoop Earrings,


 that were featured in the Travels with a Starving Artist treasury on the weekend sold this morning!  I don’t know if the sale was related to the exposure in the treasury or not, but I’m very happy about the sale.  So after work today, I packaged up the earrings, headed off to the post office and mailed the earrings to Texas where hopefully they will be loved.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoy selling my jewelry in person.  It’s so exciting to see people react positively to items that I create, sometimes even see them falling in love with a piece.  In person I can share a little more about the piece with the person, answer questions and most importantly, know that my pieces are going to a good home…  I love people and selling in person is really wonderful!

This has led me to ponder about selling on-line.  Truthfully, I find selling on-line more difficult.  People can’t pick up the piece, feel it, hold it up to themselves to see how it looks, get a real understanding of the size of the item.  On-line they rely on images of the items to give them the info.  So taking good photographs is vital to selling on-line.  And taking the photos is what I find to be the toughest thing.  Taking good jewelry photos requires patience, practice and time… 

But I have also found some great perks to selling on-line…  Like sending my items to Texas!  If I only sold locally at craft fairs and such, my items would not make their way to all these different places.  And people from around the world would not be able to see my work.  According to the stats provided by the recently installed Google Analytics on my Etsy shop, I have had people from Belgium, Germany, Australia view items in my shop.  How exciting! 

So in the end, I realized that I’m very happy I don’t have to choose either/or, but in fact am able to sell both locally and on the web!

What do you think?

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