I hate passwords!  Do you?

When I tried to login here today, I had no idea what my password was.  I tried a few, and nope, that wasn’t it.  I had to reset my password, again…  Then when I went to select a new password, ding, ding, ding, I remembered the old one!

Our lives are filled with so many passwords.  The PIN number for the instant teller.  The sign in for the computer at work, then another for the email at work.  Then my personal email.  This blog.  My on-line stores.  The forums I belong to.  The answering machine!  And on, and on…

Yes, I could go for the easy to remember route and use the same password or two for all of those things.  But then if someone got my password to one, they would have the password to everything.  And before you go thinking that I’m super paranoid about people getting passwords here’s a couple of incidents. 

When I was in university I lived in residence and one day 4 of the guys on my floor discovered their bank accounts had money missing from them.  Well, it was one of their “friends”, another guy who lived on our floor, who had watched them put in their passcodes and then got his hands on their cards.

One night last year, just as we were applying for the mortgage for our house, the spyware on our computer detected the presence of a keystroke logger!  Talk about panic city!  We changed all of our passwords, starting with the banking ones, reported it to our bank and the credit agencies and worried about it for a while.  Nothing obviously bad was found, but who knows what info about us made its way out there. 

But I still hate the need to have and remember a bazillion passwords!


What do you think?

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