Reflection on Photos

Greg’s parents and youngest daughter were here for the weekend.  Last week I thought to myself that it would be a great time to take some photos…  Of course, after they left, I realized we didn’t take a single photo! 

We are so bad at taking photos.  I can’t even use the excuse I had back in the day of the large film SLR camera that I had that was so inconvenient to tote around.  Now we have a small, but great quality, digital camera that I can put in my jacket pocket…

So I started to wonder why we just don’t take photos… and I think I might know why.  I don’t think to go grab the camera to take photos because I’m too busy living the moment.  I’m so immersed in whatever it is that is going on that I don’t have time to back away from what I’m involved in to go grab the camera.  When we are on vacation we take photos because we have the camera in our hand and are seeing new, never before seen things.  When I am with family and friends I’m fully engaged in what we are doing.  I’m experiencing the moment…

So, now that I’ve reached that conclusion, I don’t feel bad about not taking photos.  I’m living it and I will capture it in my memory, rather than needing to capture it physically to go back to in the future! 

And if that’s not the real reason I don’t think to take photos, don’t burst my bubble.  I like this reason…


What do you think?

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