Etsy Treasuries

I’m so excited!  I opened my Etsy store on the weekend and I’m already featured in 2 etsy treasuries!  Wow! 

Now I know that this doesn’t usually happen this fast after joining.  In my case, both treasuries were created by another member of the Starving Artists Team on Etsy and feature several members of the team. 

I know, it doesn’t seem like it should be that big a deal, but it is.  It means someone liked some of my pieces enough to put them alongside other pieces they liked.  And that for those 2 pieces at least, the photo was decent.  The photography aspect is the toughest one for me at the moment. 

It has also brought other etsyians to my store that would not normally have found their way there.  So yes, this is a reason to be excited!  And normally November is so not an exciting month…

Here’s the first treasury I was featured in.  Mine are the earrings on the top left.

Not Quite Winter by JenniferCasady.


This is the second treasury I’m in.  Mine are the earrings in the bottom left corner. 

Sultry Sexy Silver by JenniferCasady.

Well, enough excitement for one day I guess…


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