Now on Etsy

So yesterday I finally took the leap and opened a shop on Etsy!  (insert happy dance here…)  I had been thinking about it for months, and then last month decided November would be the month I would do so.

My shop is

Wow, there is a ton to learn about having a shop on Etsy.  It feels a little overwhelming!  In the past, I only purchased on Etsy, so I would just do a quick swoop in, find what I’m looking for through key word searches, and swoop out.  Now I’m discovering about Treasuries and the community and street teams.  It promises to be a wild ride!   

Speaking of Etsy street teams, I joined one.  It’s called Starving Artists Team on Etsy.  This is a new team made up of members of a forum I belong to, Starving Jewelry Artists.  The SATEAM shop is at  Go over and check out our members and their fabulous creations. 

Now to add more items to my shop…


What do you think?

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