Craft Fair

I know, this last month I have been horribly neglectful of this space…  The reason for this horrible neglect is my upcoming craft fair on November 1st. 

This past month, every spare moment has been spent creating inventory for my table at the Craft Fair at All Saints High School in Kanata on Saturday November 1st. 

Although I had a reasonable amount of inventory for an on-line store, I did not feel I had enough for a table, so October was a creative frenzy.  I focussed a lot of time on necklaces in particular as I had a good supply of earrings and a reasonable amount of bracelets. 

So here are a few of the items I have created this past month…

Lava stone and amazonite necklace

Lava stone and amazonite necklace

the focal is a cloisonne bead with lapis and carnelian beads

the focal is a cloisonne bead with lapis and carnelian beads

 The first one below has a brown boro (borosilicate glass) bead.  It just sparkles in sunlight!  The second one has azurite with the copper.  It’s my first assymentrical piece. 


 The green stones in the first one are seraphenite.  Not the best photo, but such a beautiful stone.  The second necklace is one that I made a while back but didn’t really like.  I re-worked it and now I really like it. 


 Isn’t this ammonite fabulous?  It was my best find at the Ottawa Gem and Mineral show last month.  I hope this wrapping does it justice…  The second one is a blue paua shell. 

The first one is rutilated quartz beads with a textured and domed sterling silver disc.  The second is amethyst.  It has a beautiful colour in real life.
And for variety, here is a ring as well as a very simple pair of earrings.
So, just a few of the many items I made this month.  It’s been a busy month, but very rewarding as well.  Now I’m just hoping that the craft fair will go well. 

What do you think?

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