Greg and I have definitely noticed that fall has arrived.  The trees are turning and now that we live in the land of the sugar maples again, we are getting to see some really spectacular colours.  But I haven’t really taken the time to appreciate the season, as I’ve been busy doing lots of stuff. 

As you know from previous posts, I love my job!  I get do focus on the stuff I love, without dealing with a lot of crap that I don’t like.  Plus, as a bonus, I get the opportunity to travel to some fabulous places…  At the moment, I’m at Fundy National Park and I’m taking the time to appreciate my surroundings.

Yesterday, on the descent into the Moncton airport, I saw that the trees have started to turn.  And on the drive to Fundy there was some trees that were just so striking.  I’m getting into the spirit of the season now.

Today was the best though.  After our meetings, I took a bit of a drive through the park.  There was one tree that was absolutely spectacular!  It was the most intense red I have ever seen!  Every single leaf was crimson!  And that one maple was surrounded by spruce trees, so the dark green of the spruces made the red just jump out and grab me.  So that was exciting.

Then I stopped to take a quick walk along one of the trails.  And then I remembered what I love most about fall…  the smell of fall.  I love the smell of the leaves.  It’s such a distinct smell, there is nothing else like it.  And if the sound of leaves crunching under foot is added to that, I’m in heaven.  Fall is all about the senses.  I see it, I hear it and I smell it.  It reminds me of raking leaves up into a pile and then jumping into to them.  It makes me feel happy and carefree…  I love fall!  And my colleagues who said the end of September would be a great time to visit Fundy were absolutely right.  It’s just beautiful here…

So if you haven’t done so already, get out there and enjoy the fall season!


One thought on “Fall

  1. I agree! Fall is so great! Unfortunately, all our leaves have been gone for a while now (we had a strong wind that blew them all away prematurely), and it’s starting to feel more like, dare I say it, winter. But the transition of seasons is so beautiful, definitely something to be appreciated!

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