Yep, it’s that dreaded time again… election time. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike this time because I don’t want to vote.  I believe that voting is not just a right, but also an obligation.  I’m grateful to live in a country where all citizens have the right to vote.  What I’m not thrilled about are the ad campaigns, specifically, the attack ads employed by pretty much all politicians.  The Conservatives started their attack ads even before the election was called, and this past weekend, the Liberal party joined in!  Will any politicians remain above this petty tactic?

I hate the attack ads!  They serve no useful purpose!  Attack ads do not help me to make an informed decision.  They tell me nothing about the platform of the sponsoring party.  They usually take things out of context and paint a distorted picture of the opposition.  If children in a school yard were to behave the way these politicians do with their ads, the children would be labelled as bullies.  The ads just create a negative impression of the sponsoring politician.  And we will elect one of these badly behaving politicians to be Prime Minister of Canada!  These types of ads don’t represent behaviour that I would want from a Prime Minister, and yet during an election campaign, all politicians seem to think it’s okay…   

The ads annoy me so much, that during election campaigns, I try to avoid network television.  This year is particularly bad, because not only do we have a federal election in Canada, so do our neighbours in the U.S.  And as much as I despise the Canadian attack ads, the American ones are even worse!   

Will any politician take the high road and avoid using attack ads?  I would vote for one who did.  How about creating an ad campaign that tells me about what one plans to do if elected, rather than trying to convince me to vote for him/her by telling me how bad the other guy is?  How stupid do they think voters are that this is how they try to get us to vote for them?  Are they on such shaky ground with their own platform that they don’t want to use that to sell themselves?  Don’t tell me why you don’t like the other guy.  Tell me why you are so great that I should vote for you!

So what do you think?  Do the attack ads work for you?  Are they what help you make your decision, or are you as sick of them as I am?


Next time, maybe I’ll talk about my other election pet peeve, support signs…


One thought on “Elections

  1. I agree! Why do they have to be so immature! I think it is some sort of trend in marketing of political parties…. I am going to send an email to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (http://www.cbsc.ca/) to tell them how I feel! According to their own Code of Ethics, they shouldn’t be airing those ads… go figure!

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