The View from My Living Room

Here’s what we often see from our living room window…

white tail deer

white tail deer

The not so great quality of the photo must be excused.  Greg took the photo through the window. 

We see deer many mornings or evenings.  They are very quiet though, so one has to look up at the right moment to catch a glimpse of them.  We also often see them on the sidewalks.  That’s not so much fun, as I’m always a little worried one will dart out in front of the car…

The other thing we see most nights is a skunk on the front lawn.  It’s such a cute little skunk.  It’s body is really small, but it has a big, bushy tail.  It’s usually busy eating all the bugs on the lawn.  Call me crazy, but I like skunks! 

Living in the suburbs is so much nicer than living in the core of the city.  We have wildlife, we have trees, we even have hiking paths about 150 m from our back gate.  I really like the green and not feeling crowded by neighbours on all sides.  Fifteen years ago, I never would have dreamed that I would be living in the suburbs, but now, here I am, living in the burbs and liking it!


What do you think?

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