Getting Mail

I love receiving mail, I always have.  And I don’t mean bills and junk mail, but real mail, just for me.

 It really started when I was in high school and I had some pen pals who lived in different countries.  I just loved getting letters from them.  They were from exotic and far-off places.  Even the stamps were exciting!  And when photos or post cards were included, that was the best.  I loved hearing about how people lived in other places and dreamed that one day, I would get to visit those places. 

Then I went off to university and getting letters from my friends meant getting a little piece of home.  Back then long-distance phone calls cost a fortune, and the best rates were evenings after 11:00 or on Sundays and calls were still expensive, so phone calls to and from friends were few and far between.  Letters were the way we communicated.  I remember shopping for stationery because I needed to have a variety so that I wouldn’t always use the same one, but it also had to suit me and my style…

And then I spent a year living in Switzerland…  That’s when getting mail became a lifeline.  Each letter from a friend meant I still existed, they hadn’t forgotten about me and it was a link to my real life.  After all, I was only spending a year in Switzerland, I needed a life to go back to.  Plus those letters were the links to the people that knew me best, who had known me for a long time, who knew about me and my life before I arrived in Switzerland.  I don’t think I’ve ever cherished mail as much as I did the letters I received that year.  And one friend in particular was so good about writing really often.  It meant the world to me…

Well, now we live in the Internet age.  I haven’t received (or sent) a letter in years!  But I still love to get mail.  Only now they are packages…  When we lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere, I learnt that if I wanted things, I could order them on the Internet.  Let me tell you, for someone who loves to read as much as I do, living 300 km from the nearest bookstore is challenging.  Thank goodness for!  Surfing on the site, perusing the books that are available, selecting the ones that I want, double-checking the list and then… placing the order!  Then comes the wait…  But it’s not painful.  Rather, the wait is full of anticipation.  And many trips to the post office, hoping that will be the day…  And eventually, it arrives, in the mail.  And I open the package, knowing exactly what it contains, but excited nonetheless.  Getting mail is so much fun!

I still get packages regularly, but now most of them are related to my jewelry-making.  The internet is still my top shopping choice when it comes to supplies.  And how I love the anticipation of a package arriving in the mail… 

Here’s what arrived in the mail for me this week:

My new tumbler

My new tumbler

Lapis cabochons and beads, turquoise cabochons

Lapis cabochons and beads, turquoise cabochons








I’m very excited about the tumbler.  It will be used to give my finished pieces a fabulous shine!  The colours of the cabochons and beads in the other photo aren’t as great as in real life.  I’m planning to use the round lapis cabochons for a bracelet for myself, and the oval ones and the turquoise cabs will be used to make earrings.  Yay!

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